Allover quilting starts at $.025/sq inch.  This will go up based on the density of the design you choose. 

Freehand custom designs start at $.035/sq inch.  This will also go up based on design density.

There's an $80 minimum charge for all quilting work.


You are welcome to provide your own batting as long as it is of a high quality.  

I can provide Warm and White cotton batting for $10/yd.


Thread is charged by the bobbin.

$1.00/bobbin- typical thread charge is between $5-$10 per quilt
I use Superior Threads so fine #50 for the top thread, and Bottom Line, #60, for the bottom.  Both are polyester threads.  I have a number of colors already available and try to pick a color that will blend well with your quilt.  If you have a specific color in mind, visit the Superior Threads site to find the color number.  

Cotton, variegated, and other specialty threads are available upon request.



I can attach the binding to your quilt.  You'll need to prepare the binding and send it along with the quilt.  Be sure to add at least an extra foot of binding.

$0.10 per inch to machine sew the binding to the front of your quilt.

$0.20 per inch to machine sew the binding to the front of your quilt and hand sew it to the back.

Quilt Backing / Preparation

Your quilt backing must be at least 4 inches longer and 4 inches wider than your quilt top.

Both top and back need to be clearly labelled TOP or UP.
Please square up your backing and trim stray threads and please remove any pet hair.  (I quilt in a smoke free home, but do have both cats and a dog.  They tend to stay clear of the large, loud machine, and I do my very best to keep quilts out of their reach.  If you are very allergic, please let me know.)

I suggest pressing seams to the side whenever possible.  It will increase the strength of the quilt.



I will ship back to you via USPS unless you request something different.  I'll calculate the shipping costs prior to sending the bill, so that will be included in the charge. 

Deposit and Final Payment

A 40% deposit is required when I start working.  Full payment is due upon completion before I send the quilt back.

I accept Paypal, checks, and local customers may pay cash.


Turnaround time is roughly four to six weeks.  Feel free to contact me if you need your quilt done sooner than that; I'm happy to work something out.


Contact me at to receive an estimate for your quilt.