Indian Summer Guild Quilt

So, I didn't make all of this quilt.  The top was pieced by two lovely ladies from my guild, the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild.  The Indian Summer fabric was given to us by the designer, Sarah Watson, to make quilts for charity.  The solids were donated by Peg, from Sew Fresh Fabrics, who also happens to be a part of our guild.

The fabric was split into four groups for us to make baby-sized quilts to send to Moore, OK.

Both colorways are great, but the Spirit Lake had me with all it's aqua highlights.  And the faces are so cute and creepy and wonderful all at the same time.

My favorite bit is the tepees, especially since my son has started trying to make little ones with sticks in the yard.  I may have to build him one like this one from the Handmade Home.

Anyway...  I was given the top and all the leftover scraps.  I pieced together the back, trying to highlight the three spare blocks that had been leftover from the front.  Then I quilted it with an all over leaf pattern.  It was my first time using this pattern all over (I'd only done little chunks of it before) and I love how it turned out.

After being so confident that I'd have plenty of fabric, I almost didn't have enough to bind it.  I used every single piece wide enough to qualify as binding, the rest was just strings.

Love how this one came out.  And I can't wait to see the quilts from the other groups at our meeting this weekend.