WIP Wednesday

I may have enough geese to make a quilt.  Should probably do more, just in case.  Still have to decide if I want to go with my plan for a layout.  And if I do, I'll need a nice quiet evening to do math and whatnot to get it all together.  Quilters definitely use their geometry!

Restarted the Sweatshirt Sweater after frogging the entire torso.  Now I'm working the next size down and knitting in the continental style of knitting because I'm new to it and I knit tighter.  I just hope that it comes out in a size that I can wear!

And here are some shots of the Washi Dress in progress.  I may have had a friend bring over some Sangria, because nothing makes cutting pattern pieces better than drinks!

And some shots of it in the machine.  The pattern came together pretty quick, even though I was new to shirring and elastic thread.  Just a few more finishing touches and I can wear it!

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