Hugs and Kisses Wristlets

I love going to the Farmers Market.  We get to go play in the park, buy some veggies that hopefully my kids will at least look at before snubbing them, and there's maple ice cream.  I could write sonnets to that maple ice cream!

So my mission is to always get some veg, get some ice cream, then go lounge while kids run around like wild beasts.  I usually just walk by the other stalls so we can complete the mission (and get to the ice cream faster), but I decided that the kids needed to pet the lambskins and poke the balls of fluffy wool at the wool stall.  Plus, Riverslea Farm is right down the road, so we should at least go say "hi" and check them out.

So we stopped and I was completely taken in by their colorful display at the back.  Why is it not right up front?  It was like they'd picked out all my favorite, ridiculously bright colors and made them into yarn.  And at $9 a skein I couldn't not buy some.  

(Fingers free to do Metal Horns!)
Little man helped me pick out this awesome purple-y blue, though he was a little concerned that there were color variations.  He kept looking for a skein that was the same color throughout, and I had a hard time convincing him that it was okay.  Silly kid.


And with my two skeins (though I ended up only needing one) I made these Love Me Forever Wristwarmers from Gecika Knits.  The x's and o's are begging me to call them Hugs and Kisses, though.  It's a free pattern on Ravelry that was really fast and easy to follow.  I was able to knit these up in a week, though I don't know why I was rushing through them in the middle of summer.  At least I know they'll be ready for me in the winter when I'm trying to quilt in my freezing cold basement.

(Love the color, but it looks different in every light.  When I bought the yarn, it was blue, and at night it's purple.  I don't know, but I love it)

Best part is that the pattern is really great, but it can be a blank canvas for whatever design you want.  I might try an owl cable pattern next, or this one from The Walker Treasury.  

Arcade Pattern

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