Really Parsley Parsley Pants!

I finally broke down and bought the Parsley Pants pattern from Made By Rae.  I've been using the Basic Pants tutorial over at MADE for forever, but I haven't been able to make the pockets or flat front look good, even though there's plenty of info out there.

This is the "I know I'm not supposed to stand on the table, so why is she letting me?" face.

At four, the little dude really needs pockets for all his stuff, but we still like the elastic waist band because he can totally dress himself.  Having to shove one less little body into clothes in the morning is kind of amazing.

I found this green denim in a remnant pile at Joann's during my last visit.  It was just under a yard, which gave me the perfect amount of fabric to do both pants and pockets.  (Didn't love the way it bled in the wash though, I put it in with the fabric for his snack pouches AND a color catcher, but the pouch fabric still ended up with a green tinge because the color catcher was completely saturated!)

I'll have to start checking his pockets for rocks and crayons 

The pattern is awesome.  It came together really quickly, I got most of this done during the kid's nap including taping the pattern together and cutting it out.  The instructions are really easy to follow and have plenty of pictures, which I love because I'm a visual person.  And there's so many options to customize the pants; two different style of pockets, front creases, tuxedo stripes, knee pads, plus a tutorial on Rae's blog for cutting them down to shorts.

Photo bomb!!

I'll definitely be making more of these as soon.  I think the boy needs a couple more pairs and the little girl could probably use a few more pairs of pants for this winter.  I'll probably need to make a muslin for her since these pants fit her at the waist, but were super long.  I'm a little worried that if I go the next size down they'll cut off circulation to her legs.  We'll see.

Future pants model.  She insisted on getting in on the little photo shoot.

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