Snack Pouches! For School Lunches!

It's my little dude's second year of preschool, but this year he's going to be staying longer and having lunch with the "big kids."  He's pretty excited about it.  We got a lunch box just for him; he put a lot of thought into it and had to look at every one they had.

So I decided to make him is own reusable pouches to pack his snacks.  The lining is a waterproof PUL fabric I found at a little sewing store (though maybe just water-resistant now that I've sewn through it a bunch).  I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it's similar to this one from

Of course, the only things I have now to put in for the pictures are cookies.  I have grand ideas about carrots and crackers, because preschoolers love that sort of thing!  Maybe if packed in a fun pouch.

I kind of just winged it on this one, but there's a bunch of great tutorials out there.  This is a great one from Mauby's that I've had pinned on one of my Pinterest boards for a while.

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