T-Shirt Remake (On the Road to the Ivy League!)

About two years ago I started reading sewing blogs, not just quilting blogs, specifically, Made By Rae and MADE.  And there was this light bulb moment, where I realized I could make my kids real clothes, not just the super cute dresses I'd gotten as a child.

Of course, I had to wait for the newborn craziness to die down before I could actually get into it.  And it's been kind of awesome.  I got to use a bunch of my old "never going to fit me again" shirts and "why did I buy so many maternity" shirts to make the first batch of toddler shirts for summer, but now that it's fall, the kids need long sleeved shirts, and I tapped out my drawers.

The "P" stands for "Pretty Awesome!"

Enter, the second hand shops!  We have two brand new shops near us that are filled with gems, like this Princeton shirt that I just managed to chop down for my two-year-old.  (For real, it started as a women's small, and I only had to take in the side seams an inch!)

I used the Basic Tee tutorial from MADE, to make a pattern from one of her shirts.  Then, because the shirt wasn't big enough to also cut sleeves from it, I used a purple knit that I had on hand and a basic sleeve pattern piece from another shirt.  

Princeton on a softball scholarship?  It could happen.

I also used the purple for the neckline, the Basic Tee tutorial also really explains how to make the neckline look nice.

Mommy's little secret, give her a little coffee, and she'll pose for hours!

Now, off to make a bunch more before the weather turns on me!  There's a pretty rad Bob Marley tee in my second hand finds that I might have to remake for the four-year-old. 

Sneaking in some playtime with Brother's cars while he's not home!

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