Washi Dress

Image from Made By Rae

So this is the second Washi Dress from Made By Rae that I made.  I'm kind of in love with the first one and wear it so often that it's always either wrinkled from wear or in the wash.  Oh well.\

And this is the one I made right after the first.  That pattern is so perfect, and I didn't have to make any alterations to make it fit.  Which is shocking, because I'm carrying a lot up front and in back. I actually double-checked the muslin of the top because I didn't believe it.

Love this fabric, it's from Benartex

For this version, I did lengthen it about ten inches so that I don't have to wear leggings with it.  (The first covers everything, but it's more leg than I'd rather show.  I swear I'll get a picture of it someday.)

And I lowered the section of shirring on the back.  For some reason, the first dress had the shirring across the middle of my back.  This version I made the bottom two rows my top two rows and just measured out four new rows a half inch apart.

Up next, I have this Anna Maria Horner Field Study Coordinates fabric that is begging to be a Washi Tunic.  Maybe with a navy collar?