WIP Wednesday

So here's what I've been working on!

Still plugging away at this sweater.  I've finished the front pouch and I'm on to the middle of the torso.  I'm really hoping to get this done before fall really kicks in, and I may actually do it!

The Dora fabric is something my daughter threw in and refused to stop hugging.  How could I resist when she kept pointing out Dora and Boots in the cutest sing-song voice?

I bought this pile of fabric today.  The small cuts will be snack pouches for my preschooler, who gets to have lunch at school this year!  The green is a denim I'm going to make into Parsley Pants.  Pretty excited to use that pattern.

I think I might start taping these to the porch wall since I'm clearly running out of space!

And these are coming along nicely.  Just today I added the two yellows and a magenta square.  Now I'm up to nine!  Up next is the red squares.  I think I have enough scraps to do a red-orange square and a true red square.  The dent in my scrap bin is tiny, but I might start digging out more scraps to make this quilt even bigger if my batting scraps keep coming.

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