Blocks That I've Set Loose Upon the World!

 So here's a post all about blocks I've sewn and given away!  It's kind of the most nerve-wracking thing I've done.  I want to make everything perfect, because the person receiving them is going to see the backside.  They'll know if your scant 1/4 inch is really a true 1/4 inch. Oh, the scandal!

But you do never know if the person who gets it will like your color choices, the layout, or the style.  And once you've put that much work into a block, you don't want them to just cast it aside or have to rework the seams.  Really, the only thing to do is just make sure you like it.


This is the last block I made for our Guild's block lottery.  The theme was scrappy stars on a white background.  I thought I was done once I'd made the first two, but then I saw the Mercury star and had to give it a try.  

Surprisingly, I thought this one would be more complicated to paper piece, but I liked it much better than my first.  I think it helped that the block was symmetrical until you got to that last piece.  I think there's a whole quilt of these in my future.  Maybe in all solids!

Here's a shot of all the stars in the lottery.  I really can't wait to see it all finished.  It's going to be a pretty awesome quilt. 

And these are my blocks for the Sew Pieceful swap.  I initially started out wanting to make a Broken Herringbone, but just couldn't get myself excited enough to do all the little pieces of sashing.  Then I found this other block in Jeni Baker's HST Block of the Month quilt.  Once I had all the half square triangles pieced, I played around with them and decided I liked this layout the best.  

I'm not really sold on this block though.  The colors are true to what was requested, but it just doesn't look great.  I might switch out the dotted background with white.  Really not looking forward to that, but it might need to be done.  

And, yeah, couldn't think of a decent title.  When in doubt, go dramatic!