Scrapbuster Quilt Finish!

I'm so glad to finally have this quilt finished.  It's been around so long it practically needs to have chores and an allowance!  I made the top almost two years ago after buying the book Sew to Swap.  I didn't have anyone in mind to swap with, I just really liked the projects inside, and I'd been reading most of the contributors' blogs.

This project was the Scrapbuster quilt (there's a tutorial for the two blocks here and here), which was perfect because, at the time, I thought I had an overabundance of scraps.  Of course, that was when I had a large shoe box of scraps, now I have a 60 quart tub of scraps!

I had this whole thing made, basted, and partially quilted in about a month, but then I started a new project and forgot it existed.  I finally pulled it out over the long weekend and decided to finish it once and for all!  

The quilting design on it was from two years ago, straight lines crossing the points and centers of the corners.  At first I'd been marking the lines all out with a marking pen, but when I restarted, I remembered someone had used blue painters' tape to mark out their lines.  So much better!

Had I not already started the quilting, I might have gone for a more dense free motion pattern and taken advantage of all those frames, but I like how it turned out.  It's drape-y and soft and perfect for cuddling, so I can snuggle and play I Spy with all those scraps.

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