UR Here Swap and Some Vintage Goodness!

Just finished up this little Starbucks cup sleeve.  I really am cutting it down to the wire on my last two swaps of the month.  I think because there's one thing to swap, then ANY goodie you want to add, there are just too many possibilities and my brain just wants to make all the things!

This one is for the UR Here Starbucks Mug Swap on Flickr.  Perfect timing, because we just broke our Starbucks mug, so we only have one giant mug left.  The rest are those little tea cups that you get with a dish set, and they really don't cut it when I need coffee in the morning.

But I did at least finish this today.  I even planned ahead and made sure to have a cup model for the sleeve.   Starbucks might have a faulty drive thru speaker, because I swear I said I just wanted a cup, but they heard PUMPKIN SPICE!!! OMG!!!  Oh well, I made sure to drink all that latte so nothing could possibly spill on the sleeve, because I'm a good and cautious person.

I kind of used two different tutorials to make this.  The basic "how do you make it" tutorial came from One Crafty Home.  I also used the template from there.  Then I poked around some more and found this tutorial from Jeni Baker and loved her stripey sleeve.  Handy since I had a bunch of Anna Maria Horner already cut into strips!

I might make up a drawstring bag or a mug rug to add to the pile of goodies, but I'm really bad at time management this last week, so we'll see.

Oh, and that book?  Found by accident at a community yard sale last weekend.  For $1, I just bought it without looking inside, but it's pretty magical.  It's everything I usually end up Googling when I make clothes (plus things I didn't even know about) all printed back in 1977!  There's so much good info in here, but also "How to Sew Shag" and "How to Make Foam Furniture for Your Rec Room!"  Amazing find!

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