WIP Wednesday

So at last week's WIP update, I had the torso and a sleeve up to the arm, but I decided that the arm was coming out too big.  So I frogged all the way down to the ribbing and started again with smaller needles.  

Luckily, a week in bed sick meant that I had plenty of time to knit, so I'm almost ready to join this sleeve.  Of course, I could have knitted two sweaters by now if I didn't have to keep frogging. 

And I'm pretty keen on finishing up the sweater because I have these pretties waiting for me.  I think the kids need winter hats and mittens.  And I need some soft fuzzy wristlets out of the white alpaca in the middle. 

I almost have this Washi tunic finished. I had plans on trying to add the three-quarter sleeves from Rae's tutorial, but then it got really hot again.  So now it's waiting downstairs for me to make up my mind. 

And my big accomplishment of the week so far is adding some quilts to my Etsy shop.  I'm figuring this is step one on my way to fame, fortune, and rooms full of fabric and glitter, and I'm giving it a big ole checked off!

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