Kids Clothes Week: Bimaa Sweatshirt

Starting off Kids Clothes Week with a Bimaa sweater and some Parsley Pants!  Okay, so it's Tuesday, and technically the second day of KWC, but just ignore that.

I'm totally in love with the Bimaa pattern.  I was really excited that it was included in the SewFab bundle (which isn't available anymore, but the link has all the patterns), but it looked more complicated than my usual kids' patterns.  But I had this cute pink sweatshirt material (bought at Joann's from the remnant bin - Jackpot!) so I figured it was worth a try.  I cut all the pieces the night before sewing, and the actual sewing only took about an hour.  Amazing!

I actually measured the little girl before cutting.  She has a 21 inch chest, so the pattern recommends cutting the 2T size, but she usually wears a 4T because of her height, so I went with that size instead.  The worst that happens is that she'd wear it next year if it was too big.  But it turned out perfect for right now.  I might make the next size up the next time so there's more growing room.

 I went with the shawl collar, because I didn't have enough fabric to cut the cowl or hood.  I actually had to cut one of the shawl pieces in two parts and stitch them together.  It was just under a yard of fabric, so a yard would probably be just right to make this again.

And of course, the Parsley Pants.  They're just the perfect fit.  And I love the piped pockets.  I may try the other styles eventually, but I'm obsessed with piping.  

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