Kids Clothes Week: Crazy Stripey Jumper!!

Another finish for Kids Clothes Week.  I struggled with what to do with this fabric.  It's a random remnant that I found at Joann's that happened to find it's way into my cart.  I loved the pattern but it was kind of busy, so I thought I'd make a small library bag for her, but when I washed it, it turned into the softest corduroy I've ever felt.  So clothes it was.

I was thinking at first to make a simple skirt, but that would leave me with more scrap than I'd like, but not enough to do anything with.  So I found this top from Prudent Baby and thought it would be a good challenge to upsize it.  

I didn't print it out (because that seemed like more work), instead I pulled up the pattern pages full screen and sketched out a copy freehand. I double checked my pattern against her measurements, then had her try it on again before cutting out the neck pieces.  

It went pretty well.  I only altered the armpits, because they ended up being more of a "V" instead of a "U".

I may have bribed her with promises of cookies and fake mustaches.  Whatever works!