One of Those Days...

Did you ever have one of those days that just sucks?  Here's mine.

That there is a pair of Parsley Pants that I had mostly sewed over the weekend, and I just needed to sew in the elastic waistband.  So I sat down to my machine, very carefully measured and pressed, then sewed the elastic in the front instead of the back.  Yep, that happened.

After that, I decided to just sew up a Bimaa, because it's a pretty easy and quick pattern.  So I got out my fabric and pattern, and cut two fronts instead of a front and back.  Arg!  And what's worse, is that I didn't realize it until I'd already sewed everything together and was trying to attach the neckline.  And I sewed all those seams with extra reinforcing, because I did it on my straight stitch machine.  And I don't have enough fabric to cut a new back even if I could rip out all those stitches.

But you know what?  Tomorrow, when I get back to it, I'm just going to rip out some stitches and re-position that elastic.  And I'm going to try that Bimaa on my little girl, because I bet it can be salvaged.  I might even write up my "super new fancy way to customize your Bimaa" like I meant to do that all along.  ;)