Squared Circles!

I love this little bit of patchwork.  I tend to be more tricky with my piecing because I'm trying new things, but this was really fun to make.

I love that little bit of binding!!

This whole quilt started with those circular patches.  They were part of a larger piece of material that I loved but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into a quilt.  The medallions were so pretty, but there was so much white space between them.  And I only had a yard, so if I didn't fussy cut them, I'd lose too many.

So I just cut them out, along with a bunch of coordinating prints and laid them out in a random grid.  Super fast, but I love that they medallions really stand out in all those squares.

The quilting was really fun too.  I decided to put a couple different patterns together.  So the squares are done up with loops, repeating swirls, and leaves, and the border is a repeating S shape.

This quilt is listed in my Etsy shop!

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