Toddlers Make Great Photography Assistants! (if you're wearing running shoes)

Ready for a post of semi-blurry but adorable pictures?  I had a curious little girl happen upon my quick backyard photo shoot last week.  And they're really never too young to put to work, so I tried training her as a quilt photography assistant.  

First, we did the traditional "just hold it up" pose.  Still have to work on holding it straight, but she was too funny peaking up over the top saying "cheese" over and over.

And then, she bolted.  It's a good thing we have plenty of room for her to run with a quilt over her head before she smacks into anything.

She paused just long enough to take one more adorable quilt shot.  She's pretty good at selling the cuddly quilt thing.

Then, she was gone once more.  I did manage to get the quilt back when she was distracted by a shiny ball in the brush around our yard.  I'm just happy that it's too cold for the kids to play bathtub outside with the toy buckets and hoses.  A muddy, soaked quilt is never good, no matter how cute the quilt model.

Not the most compliant assistant, but probably one of the cutest.