UR Here Swap Finish!

This finish was right down to the wire.  I was a day late mailing out too waiting on the address, but I used that time to finish up the mug rug, so I probably would have been late anyway.

For the UR Here Mug Swap on Flickr, we were supposed to buy our local mug and send it with a goodie to our partners.  I signed up, and made some calls to see if anyone had our New Hampshire mug in stock.  Know what?  New Hampshire doesn't have a mug!!

I was bummed, and I'm sure Rhode Island is probably in the same boat too.  We're little, people can't find us on the map, and we don't make a big fuss about ourselves, but we're cool too!

So I decided to make this mug rug to put a little NH flair in the package.  The Old Man on the Mountain was huge while I was growing up.  We'd always take a drive up to see him, especially when the leaves changed.  But the face collapsed a few years ago.  Very sad.  But he's still on all our license plates and our quarters!!  And now he's on my mug rug.

And I couldn't forget our state motto, "Live Free or Die."  Probably one of the best things about our state.  We're little, but badass!

It's all packed up with some yummy biscotti.  Wondering what to do with that cheap poly batting?  Perfect packing material!

Hope my partner enjoys her box of goodies!

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