WIP Wednesday!

I've sadly been away from my machine for a couple days now for an impromptu trip to Connecticut to visit with family.  I'm sure it's plenty sad out there on the cold porch all alone.  I'll be back at it finishing up my Rainbow QAYG for real soon.

Right before husband and I took off, we managed to pick a full bushel of apples with the kids and some friends.  When I went through them, I realized we hadn't been entirely clear on the "only pick red apples, not green apples!"  Oh well.  I was going to make apple sauce and pie filling with the apples we probably wouldn't eat in time anyway.

The long car ride did give me plenty of time to finish up my Sweatshirt Sweater.  I almost finished binding off the neck before it got too dark to knit, so I finished it at home and then weaved in all my ends.  
I'm probably going to end up ripping out the neck ribbing though.  It's just so bacon-y, and the front ribs just don't squish together like they should.  I probably did something funky when I picked up the bound off stitches.  Or maybe I should knit a few more decrease rows, so the ribs have less ground to cover.  As it is, the neckline is pretty generous, and could stand to shrink some.

In the meantime, I started back up on my fair isle scarf.  The pattern is from Tricksy Knitter.  I started this because I saw my friend Letty doing something ridiculous with two yarns at our Stitch and Bitch meet up a few months ago.  After I insisted she was breaking some sort of law of yarn physics, she showed me what double knitting was and I started this project (check out this video, it may break your brain!).

I kind of went big, because who wants to mess around with smaller patterns when there's leaping deer out there!  I hope to do another full repeat of the pattern and then change direction so the deer and trees will be right side up when you hang it around your neck.

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