WIP Wednesday!

Lots still going on around here.  I'm pretty sure that'll be the way things go until after Christmas is done.  Who am I kidding?  I'll probably have at least five projects going no matter what time of year it is.  

Anyway, I finally dug through my chest of yarn and found a lot of beauties that I'd completely forgotten about.  Most of these are from the days after I had an income, but no real financial responsibilities (the good ole days), so I'd go to the fancy yarn shop and buy balls of yarn.  I found two balls of baby alpaca, some mohair, and I can't remember what that colorful one in the center is, but it came from the same place, so fancy!

I never actually knitted anything with them, and just hoarded until now.  Kids are in need of hats, so I'll be working through this pile and perfecting my hat knitting.

This stack of square is going to slowly become an amazing quilt.  It's for a certain someone who might read this, so this is all the peek you get!

One inch squares!  Eep!
And this is the most insane project.  I was so obsessed with the Hello Kitty pixel quilt and the Pinkie Pie pixel quilt, that a friend suggested we make one ourselves.  Luckily my little girl is in love with Pinkie Pie too, and will be needing a bed quilt soon.  We're hoping to get this finished by Christmas, but the best thing about 2-year-olds is that they rarely carry around calendars and don't hold grudges if gifts arrive late.  

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