A Boston Quilt Finish!

Finished my Quilt for Boston!  I love getting these quilts because they're all ready to be quilted, and they're all different blocks.  The first one I did, I just quilted loops all over to get it done.

I had a little bit of a problem with this quilt.  I meant to just do a simple all over quilting pattern, but it just begged for something more awesome. And because I wanted to get it done for Friday (an entirely self-imposed deadline) that meant I needed to pull an all-day sew-a-thon!

I started around noon, and finished sewing the binding on at 1 a.m.  Then I hand stitched the binding down while dropping off the dude at school, during a playdate/lunch, and then while picking up the boy from school.  It was my own little sewing speed race.

This is the first block that I did.  So many little spaces for different designs!

I managed to use all the different spaces to practice some things I've never done before, like this pattern my friend Jess rocked in a quilt a while back.  I love all the wavy lines and the strings of pearls.  It really grew on me, and I may have to do this more and in bigger scale on another quilt.

Love this little goldfish.  He needed scales.

I LOVE doing those wavy, echoing lines.  They're so easy once you get the arm motion down, but they pack such a punch!

Here's another block with those wavy lines.  They're the best.  And the figure eights are another really easy, but beautiful pattern.  Love putting them in squares!

I loved this plus sign block.  I think I'm going to have to do a whole quilt of these, because I get a kick out of blocks that make designs when you put them all together.  See how the corner pieces will make more pluses?  Awesome.

And you may have noticed all the pebbles.  I kind of love the look, but hate quilting them because I don't think I'm really good at it yet.  My arms just don't move that way naturally.  So I decided to pebble all my backgrounds and teach myself some muscle memory!  Take that pebbles!  I win!

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