Another Quilts for Boston Finish!

After being separated from my Juki for two weeks, I finally got it back from it's tuneup!  So I immediately wanted to quilt something.  I got backing all pieced together for one of my Christmas gift quilts, but when I was laying it out to baste, not only was I out of 505 Basting Spray (the greatest product ever! For real) I was also two inches short on my batting!  Arg.

Luckily, I had this one all basted and ready to go for after I finished off my gifts.  It got booted to the front of the line, and I got all my productive energy out on this one!

I definitely didn't want to go completely all out on this Boston quilt like I had the last one.  Because I have a lot of holiday quilting, I didn't want to burn myself out on this one or get too sore (that FMQ is a workout!).  I also just didn't think this quilt would look as good if I quilted it like the last one.  

So I decided on an all over wave pattern.  I just picked a spot to start in the center(ish), and worked my way across the quilt, aiming for about a half block down from my starting point.  The blocks don't completely line up since they were pieced in columns instead of rows, so I just sort of winged it.  Then I echoed the line all the way down, shooting for about a half inch to an inch between my lines.

(I know, washed out picture, but I love the texture!)
I really love this style of quilting, and will be adding it to my (growing) list of favorite patterns.  The lines are just as dense as the straight line quilts that I love, but the wave is so much more forgiving and fun to do.

And it brings all these blocks together really well.  They were pretty similar in shades, but the blocks were all so different, I had a bit of work making my mind up about how to quilt them.  I think it worked out!

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