Finished Hats and an Invisible Quilt Finish!

So, it's Friday, and I have a finish to share!  But it's a gift, so I can't really show a finished picture of it, but it's so awesome.  I'll have lots of pictures after the holidays wrap up.  I'm pretty excited about so many handmade gifts this year.  

Instead of quilt pictures, I'll show you some of my knitting finishes for the week.  That bucket of yarn I pulled on Wednesday has become three hats.  The first is this one for the little girl, the kitty hat!  It was super easy to make, just a tube with some rib knit at the bottom.  No increases, or decreases, so no chance of getting weird cone-head hats, and since I've never made hats, that was a big fear of mine.  Who wants to bind off, then realize your kid looks like a Smurf.

The ears are the best part of it.  I just did a kitchener stitch across the top to bind off, and then did some whip stitch along the bottom of the ears on the inside of the hat.  And the yarn is a super soft baby alpaca and acrylic blend, lucky girl.  

This one is for her brother.  He went to school before I could get a good picture of him in it, so she'll model it for him.  Of course, she's modelling under protest, because it's not purple or cat shaped.  

This is the Chunky Dean Street Pattern that I showed you on the needles yesterday.  It's a really fast knit, and those cables are just right front crosses (not real cables), so you don't have to stop and whip out your cable needle every couple stitches.  I was a little worried about the decreases because I only had a circular needle to work with, but it seems to have worked fine.  I used Wool-Ease, so it's super warm and has plenty of stretch, so he'll be able to wear this at least two winters!

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