WIP Wednesday!

So what am I up to on this WIP Wednesday?  Productivity!  Boo-Yeah!

I think the reality of the Christmas countdown really set in, and now I'm just churning out projects like there's no tomorrow!  My goal for the day is to get this quilt finished.  It's one of two Quilts for Boston that I've been pretty lazy about finishing because there's no solid deadline, but I'm going to get them off my stack!

There's also the last bit of knitting to get done before Thanksgiving, and I think I might be able to get that off my needles in the next few days!  Pictures after I give the gifts!

And I splurged (really, $3, woo!) and finally got a loop turner!  I was buying a pile of fabric to turn into pants and saw this next to the elastic.  There's really no excuse for not getting one until now, but I'm pretty excited to never have to fish 1/4" elastic through a waistband with a safety pin ever again!

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