A Sweater Finish!

This sweater all started with the sale bin at the local quilt/yarn shop.  We couldn't resist digging through all the colors, and my friend found a bunch of this yarn and fell in love.  It's a cashmere, merino, and microfiber blend in a pretty chocolate/maroon color.

Since she didn't knit, I volunteered to knit her daughter a copy of the Soledad sweater that my daughter was wearing at the time.  This is the third time I've knitted the sweater, but this yarn was just a little bit thinner than the first two versions, so it turned out a little slimmer, but super warm.

I added a couple inches to both the sleeves and the body, so that it can be worn even if one of those growth spurts happens.  She also wanted a higher neck, so I just knitted until I ran out of yarn, which turned out to be an extra inch and a half of collar.

The best part of this pattern is that little cable section that runs along the sleeve and down the side.  I have a couple other cable patterns that I want to try inserting in there.  I'm nervous about modifying a pattern, since I still feel like a novice knitter, but it doesn't seem that hard to change the path of the cables.

I really hope my friend likes the sweater, and more importantly, that her daughter loves it too.

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