Catvent Quilt-a-Long!

Anyone else loving the #Catvent Quilt-a-Long?  I've gotten a few cats behind, but I'm still loving my little kitty assignments from the internet.  It gets me to the machine on days that I just want to make a nest for myself and hibernate all winter, and it's a great starting project for those days when I have so many things to do that I don't know where to start.

I love going to this little drawer of scraps to pick colors for the new cats.  I'm going rainbow-y like the original, but picking colors based on how many prints are called for in the cat and how many prints I have in like colors.  I was sure that this far into the QAL, this drawer would be looking sparse, but those scraps have been multiplying while I'm not looking.

This isn't a rushed project, or a project that I need to have done for a deadline, but I'm pretty excited to see all of this come together.  I keep staring at the spot that it will hang on my wall, and it looks emptier every time I walk by it.

I'm also trying to imagine different quilting designs.  I love the idea of quilting faces on, but kind of want to keep it simple.  I don't know, any ideas?

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