100th Posts! And a Look Behind the Scenes!

It's post 100!  It's been really fun to write up my projects and creativity.  And it's been a really great way to keep my on task.  I've been known to have more ideas than motivation, and this little corner of the internet is a great motivator.

So, for this 100th post, here's a look behind the scenes.  Or at least my current sewing situation.  I started in the basement.  There was so much space when we moved in that I was excited to sew down there, but after moving in, buying more fabric, and sharing the space with a litter box, it became less awesome.

Then, during the summer, I took over the porch.  But winter came, and the porch had no heat, so I moved to the dining room.  It's been great.  I can keep an eye on the children, keep warm, and sew my little heart out.

On to the grand tour!  This is my corner of the dining room table.  The table is fully extended, so I get most of the back half with room for the four of us to still eat.  And if I get bored, I can always turn around and play Hot Wheels.

Here's the landing spot for all my current projects.  I've been trying to keep only current things here, and bringing stuff back to the porch when I'm done with it, but it's so cold out there that some things tend to pile up here.  On the left there is my stack of Economy Blocks and a bunch of fabric to be worked into them.  In the middle is a bucket of Lincoln Logs and some 505, both vital to the creative process.  Then there's more interfacing for doodle pads, more fabric, and a bag of stuff that I should have moved back to the porch a month ago.

Under all those random piles is this cabinet.  It was a freebie off the side of the road that hubs and I redid one weekend.  The paint sticks and the legs are a little wobbly, but I love it.  These colorful drawers are usually hidden behind two doors.  The left side is the kids' cars, crayons, and puzzles; and the right is two drawers of the large scraps that I've been using a lot lately, and the third drawer is full of more puzzles.

So there you have it!  It's chaotic, but somehow it works.  I haven't seen my basement stash in a while, but I love the focus of having only a small amount of fabric in front of me at any time.  And the sun!  That's one thing the basement will never have!

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