Snow Day!

Staring at the snow and general goobering.

 Snow day.  Stuck in the house all day with these two crazies, a bucket of animal crackers and my sewing machine.  Luckily, we'd done a run through Joann's yesterday and the flannel was $2.79 a yard!  The kids got to pick some for new pjs and since no one was going anywhere today, they got to help me sew them up.

I had supervision while cutting (did three pairs at a time with a sharp rotary blade. Yay mass production!), and the dude was put in charge of placing the pins back in the pin case.

The trains were his favorite, and the only pair I could wiggle him into, but three pairs of pjs done in one afternoon is probably a record for me.  I used the Parsley Pants pattern and cut a few corners, like ironing, and actually measuring the hems.  The end result is still a solid pair of pants, so it worked out.

The mustaches were my contribution to the pile.  I'm really hoping to convince him to wear them to school for the next pj day.  Instant cool.

Our other project for the snow day was to make Valentines for his class.  He made all the design choices and shot down a lot of my suggestions.  He just wanted hearts with glitter and his name in pencil, none of my yarn, stickers, or markers made the cut.  I love the focus.

We may have to make a few more for non-school friends, teachers, and family because he loved doing this.  Plus, why not make more since the house already has a thin coating of glitter on all flat surfaces.  :)