Scrappy Trip Around the World Finish!

 I finally managed to stop cuddling under my quilt to take some photos of it to post here.  It's been a problem and I've wanted to bring it everywhere, just in case the Polar Vortex attacks again.

 And see?  I'm not the only one who loves it.  How could I possibly take a quilt away from this girl?

This is the first quilt I finished at my guild's retreat a few weekends back (there's a great write up of all the fun we had here).  I've had the top done since forever and I knew how I was going to quilt it, but it just lay in a pile.  I don't know why it took so long, but I'm glad it's finally finished.

It's the Scrappy Trip Around the World pattern that got really popular about a year back.  I pulled out all of my scraps (then had a moment of shock at how many there were since it was my first time really digging into them) then started just cutting one slice of fabric off most of the fabrics in my stash.  The result is a snapshot of what I was sewing with at the time, and it's very different from the state of my stash now.

I quilted it in the Dogwood pattern from Elizabeth Hartman.  I've wanted to try it since first seeing it on her blog, but never really had anything that would work.  The second I started making this quilt, though, I realized it would be perfect.  The two inch blocks are a great size for the first time trying the pattern.  You don't have to travel really far, so the arcs don't get too distorted, and since there's so many of them, the mistakes disappear.

I made the back scrappy too, using a couple pieces of leftover flannel from quilting previous quilts.  It's not been washed yet (too hard to get it away from the couch), but it already is super soft and perfect for cuddling under and watching TV or knitting.

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