Friday Finish: Wonderland Pinafore

A quick post about a quick finish. My sister texted me a while back wondering how hard it would be to make a pinafore. Having never made a pinafore ever, I said easy!  Then I spent two weeks procrastinating until it was deadline time. Then I started looking for patterns and tutorials. 

I couldn't find anything that I liked, so I just took some measurements from an apron I had and measurements from my sister and sketched out some rectangles.  

They all magically sewed up without any issues. I had to do some thinking to figure out how to encase all my raw edges, but they're all hidden. 

Then Jill and I agreed that black rick rack would be the perfect trim. So I bought every size and started laying it out. The mini ended up being perfect, especially with little black bows where the rick rack overlapped.   

It ended up being the perfect thing to finish off her dress for the Alice in Wonderland tea party.  I love it and wish I could have shipped myself down to be there too!

Thanks to Jill for all the pictures!!

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