Improv Blocks and A Clean Space!

Big things happening here!  It's finally warm enough to move the sewing back onto the porch, which meant giving the whole space a solid cleaning.  It's the dumping ground for all our junk all winter, and you couldn't actually see the floor through the carpet of toys, sewing stuff, ski poles, recycling bins...

Anyway, cleaned all that up, bought another set of cube shelves, and got to folding and organizing.  What's scary, is that this fabric is mostly what I've bought and haven't used this winter.  I still have to go through the basement fabric pile to see if there's anything that I want to add or get rid of.

And once I was moved in, I got to pull out these bags o' scraps!  They're from our recent Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  We had a workshop on improv piecing, so everyone contributed scraps to play with.  After some awesome sewing, we were cleaning up, but no one was claiming the scraps.  So I brought some of them home to keep making more improv blocks!  (Who wouldn't want these bags of beauties?)

I've been sewing up a storm.  These are so easy since you don't really think or plan, just grab a scrap and sew.  I usually sit down with the plan to make one or two, and four or five later, I realize I've lost track of time.

I'm up to maybe 23, enough to make a lap quilt, but there are so many more scraps to sew up.  Maybe a few more days and I'll lay them out again to see if I'm satisfied.

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