My Very Own Bundle of Cotton and Steel (AKA My Presssscious)

This Quilt Market was pretty crazy (note, I wasn't there, but I stalked the event like a pro on everyone's Instagram and blogs.)  And I have wild ideas about getting into Market next year!

The big news was Cotton and Steel, an amazing collaboration by five really creative and different fabric designers.  I was hooked in by the idea of it immediately.  All these great fabric designers that I loved separately creating a collection that would coordinate?  What could possibly be better?

 And then the pictures of the fabric came, and everyone drooled, then the video, which I may have watched a couple times through.  But the heartbreak of fabric releases at Market, is that there's still months to wait untili you and I can get our hands on it.

That is, unless someone is crazy generous and gives away a bundle of fabric.  I entered Rachel at Imagine Gnats' giveaway, totally not expecting to win.  So when the email came, I may have made a loud, high-pitched, celebratory noise that made my two kids and the dog look at me like I'd lost my mind.  Luckily, my crafting buddies on Facebook understood the gravity of the situation and responded more appropriately than my kids.

These fabrics are totally worth the hype.  Their soft and linen-y, but take a pressing really well and stiffen enough that I know working with them will be easy.  And the colors!  These pictures are good, but the colors are so much more vivid than this.  The green on the middle fabric is the perfect grassy green that I have searched for in all my local shops, but come up very short.  I'll be buying more of it for sure.

There was also this full cut from selvage to selvage.  I love the two Melody Miller bordered prints I got and plan on getting more, maybe in the lawn, to make skirts or dresses for myself.  This yellow is more gold (damn you pixels for not matching reality perfectly!) and needs to be a skirt pronto.

I've been debating on how to use these fabrics.  I could always use a new bag, but would love to make a quilt for my bed.  I think I'll end up buying more fabric, but I'm sure glad to have this pile to pet while I wait.

Thanks again Rachel!

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