Summer Things and Clamshells

 Summer things are happening.  The strawberries already came and went.  The little girl ate every last one of them, so sadly no strawberry ice cream got made, but she enjoyed them.  Now the berries are starting to come, and neither child likes them raw, so we'll have jams and syrups and maybe ice cream from them.

There's also been lots of outdoor and beach time.  They're both old enough to just roam around safely and entertain themselves, which leaves plenty of knitting time.  I've got most of the Little Sperry knitted, just one sleeve to go.

I have plans to start an orange peel project once the sweater is finished.  Jessica at Quilty Habit is having an Orange Peel QAL, and since it's already on the list of things I want to try it must be the perfect time.  I was thinking of using the stitch and flip method from Crazy Old Ladies.  It seems the easiest and I have a pile of non-fusible interfacing that I must have bought thinking it was fusible.  I just have to sew up a bunch of peels and toss them into a bag for on-the-go stitching.

In actual sewing news, I managed to get this little beauty stitched up this weekend.  We had a great workshop at the latest Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild meeting, where Amy (from During Quiet Time) showed us how to machine piece clamshells.  And we got to cut them all out on her Sizzix, which meant we had enough to actually finish a project.  

I have almost all the clams sewn, I just had to run out and buy some green thread to do the last couple.  (How did I not have green thread?!)  I haven't decided whether this will become a pillow, or a panel for a bag.  I'll probably let it sit for a few days once it's all quilted and see if the elves come and finish it for me.