The Trouble with Tula...

So fair warning: this post is frustrating.  I'm frustrated, therefore I'm trying to get it out by posting here, which may end up with you being frustrated.  But you were warned.

I bought this layer cake the second it hit the shop.  I'm obsessed with Tula Pink because her prints look absolutely insane but beautiful.  Who wouldn't love a giant Parisian ship pompadour print?

Naturally, I jumped on the chance to get a little bit of a whole line.  I had grand visions of making a quilt with just this line (something I never do and feels very exotic to me), but the longer I look at all these crazy prints together, the less convinced I am that I'm in love.  

There are absolute hits, like this blue camping scene, but then it's next to these pastel pinks to the left and melons and oranges to the right.  I just don't think it works for me!

And I've already got a Staple dress that I made from the navy deer print, but that pink one above makes my brain hurt.

So now I have to decide whether I want to abandon my plan to make one quilt out of all these, or to scrap the original plan and come up with a new quilt idea.

The original plan was to make the cover quilt from Dana's Imagine Quilts.  I was thinking of using some dark grey sashing and maybe a navy background for the round bits.  But I'm not sure I want to put all the effort into those curved seams if I'm not sure I'll absolutely love the result.

My other thoughts are to do a Sparkle Punch quilt a la Oh Fransson! Or maybe a plus quilt similar to this one from Film in the Fridge.  Both are fairly simple and quick to make, and would break up the prints so they aren't so in your face.

Anyone have any thoughts?  I'm pretty open to suggestions at this point because I want to get this done so I like the fabric again!