Flowers for Eleni

flowers for eleni hexie flowers epp

One of my favorite things about this community of sewers is our ability and willingness to help.  It's hard to hear about something and not want to do something, and I'm always glad when someone has an idea to put all of us to work.

So when Rachel, of Stitched in Color, announced that her birth hadn't gone to plan and that little Eleni had suffered complications all her readers felt that heartbreak too.  

flowers for eleni hexie flower stack.jpg

And then Jodi, from Tales of Cloth, gave us something to do.  She put out a tutorial for hexie flowers and asked that people send her flowers with a dark center.  (Go check out here to get the full tutorial.)  These little flowers don't take very much time at all to make, but each stitch feels special.  It's just a little way to show Rachel, her family, and Eleni that we're thinking of them all.  

There's still a little time if you'd like to contribute flowers.  Pop over to Jodi's site to read her full instructions and get her address to mail them.