2015 Finish Along: the mile long to do list...

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

I think just about every quilter/crafter that I've ever know has a mile long list of projects that are still in progress.  I have at least two knitting projects going at any time, and at least a handful of sewing projects.  It would be nice to finish some of the things I've got going, and for that, I'll need a support group and the chance of prizes.  Thank goodness Adrianne (from On the Windy Side) has put together a great Finish-Along and with some very nice prizes.

So here's my list.  (Thanks to Vera at Negligent Style for cluing me into Google Keep!)  I was told it was okay to add everything, so I did (mostly), and even as I was digging out the WIPs that I knew of to take pictures, I kept finding more.  This list is very big, and I bet there are a few that I didn't find.  

Here's the majority of the projects.  There's a couple piles of mini swap fabric, my pile of fabric from Pat Bravo for a Project Linus quilt, the amazing little bag of fussy cuts that Sarah gave me (or did we trade for something?) for my Polaroid quilt.  There's also a quilt that just needs quilting.  (I've also realized that I need better project storage.)

This is an old picture, but the only decent one of my large improv quilt.  They're now mostly sewn together into a top, it just needs a couple outer borders before I can quilt it.  

And that there on the bottom is Pinkie Pie, the amazing pixel quilt that my friend Jess and I made my daughter.  We finished the top last spring (?) and I put it in a corner of the craft room.  Then a very naughty cat decided to "mark" it, so it got quickly basted, washed several times in Soak, and left in the sun for several afternoons to dry and be purified (last fall!).  Now it just needs to be floated on my longarm and quilted.  It's one of those projects that I'm so excited for the finished product, but making it has been such a trial that I'm almost done looking at it and dread pulling it out.  But soon!

So that's my list.  We'll see how I do between now and June!