WIP Wednesday: Instagram Edition

Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday!  Where I post all the things I put on Instagram this week that were not the things on my to do list!  


I've almost sewn down the first round of these EPP rings.  I printed enough papers to make nine rings, figuring that was a good wallhanging size, and once I finished them, I'd know if I wanted to continue making more.  With round one nearly complete, I can safely say that I love these and the process.  So now it's on to round two!  And maybe printing more papers.  


I mounted another customer quilt on the long arm.  It's a beautiful Meadow quilt (with yummy Liberty prints) and I have free reign on the quilting.  I love the original Meadow that was quilted by Angela Walters, so I'm going to use that as inspiration for my quilting.  

First step is to draw draw draw!  These swirls will make up the borders, and since the borders are a huge part of the quilt and solid I need to make sure the swirls are as close to perfect as possible.


And I couldn't let these scraps sit any longer by my sewing machine!  I won them from Ashley (check out the quilt they came from!) and since they've arrived I've pawed through them a couple times, separated them out into piles, and pulled some bits for possible projects, but hadn't actually done anything.  So I pulled out my solids bucket and got out all the colors that went well.  

In addition to the greens and pinks, I also added a reddish orange, brown and yellow.  I'm not sure that the red really needs to be there, and I think that I might need to add a bit of white.  But I really love the two greens and that pink.