Friday Finishes: the SMQG Retreat Roundup

Our guild banner,  Laura's  Meadow Quilt, and my Lizzy House Swap mini

Our guild banner, Laura's Meadow Quilt, and my Lizzy House Swap mini

So instead of a nice proper Friday Finish post I have a bunch of mediocre iPhone photos from my guild's retreat.  But there was so much fabric sewn, that I had to share.

Pat Bravo Project Linus quilt scrappy geese

My first finish was right off the bat.  I plunked down my machine late Thursday afternoon, got out my pile of scraps sent to me by Pat Bravo for her Project Linus quilt project, and got to work.  I had a bunch of oddly shaped scraps, and wasn't really sure how they would go together.  But I remembered the scrappy geese that Heather from House of a la Mode had made and went from there.

I used Heather's measurements, because I liked the scale her geese had, but instead of using a paper foundation and making them striped, I just made slabs then trimmed down to 8.5 inches to subcut into my geese.  Then, fellow guildee Sarah suggested adding more white space to add more quilt to my quilt since I'd used up just about all my scraps.  I'm still debating adding white borders around all the sides.  I think I need to, but there's more projects to work on first.

I love that pink star with the butterfly center soooooo much!

I love that pink star with the butterfly center soooooo much!

Next I pulled out my pile of Lizzy House fabric (and some that I borrowed) and stared at it for a while.  (I guess I have a problem where I pull fabric together for a project, but never decide on the pattern/design until the last minute.)  

Anyway, I had such a fun mix, but I wanted to make sure I did something that would let the big prints sing as well as the tiny prints.  Also, I just love how Lizzy's fabric lends itself to fussy cutting, so I wanted to do some of that too.  I decided on the Sparkle Punch pattern from Elizabeth Hartman and got to work.  After an afternoon of cutting, sewing, and trimming (why is there so much trimming!) I had a mini.  Now it's in the pile of things to be quilted.

tina givens hrt quilt layout

The very last project I tackled was the massive pile of Tina Givens fabric that my friend and I have been collecting.  It definitely deserves it's own post, so let's just say that our first encounter with Tina was a scary, angry unicorn print that was too confusing to not buy, and we keep finding more and more that confuses us.  

We had quite a lot of different prints, and wanted a way to calm them down, so I made the executive decision to do half rectangle triangles and attempt to sort our prints by value.  At this point, my chevrons had taken shape, but weren't always well defined, but by the end of the retreat, I'd finished all my HRTs, rearranged a bit, and started sewing them into rows.  I can't wait to finish these quilts (one for me, one for my friend), because they still makes me scratch my head and giggle.  

And now back to the sewing!!

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