Friday Finish-ish: Round Trip Quilts

For the last couple months (really almost a year), I've been participating in a great round robin.  Our group is so talented, and the quilts are all wildly different.  Each month it's exciting to see what you'll receive and a little nerve-wracking.  Many of the tops are out of my comfort zone in color or style, and the more people add, the better they get.  

Luckily, when I got Christina's quilt (of Wips and Tuts) I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  She had an autumn theme, which made me scratch my head while I was looking at the progress shots on Instagram, but when I opened it up, I knew it needed foxes.  

I used Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Fox pattern, and pulled a bunch of autumn colors.  I loved the light blue background that both Jenn and Leanne had used, so I continued that color theme.  

I packed it up and sent it on to Chelsea for it's last addition.  Her plan had also been foxes (great minds!) so I'm curious to see what she adds now that I've beaten her to the punch.

Here's a pic that Leanne posted of my quilt.  I'm so in love with what everyone has done with it and can't wait to get it back in September!

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