WIP Wednesday!

It's really July up here in N.H.  My usual July daydream is of winter and snowmen and lying on a bed carved from ice, but this summer I'm dreaming of relocation to the Canadian tundra.  June was so mild, then the month changed and the humidity went to a million. 

Anyway, it's just been too hot to sew because I stick to the chair and can't bear to be within ten feet of a hot iron, so my projects have been few.  


I finished this top (save evening out that bottom row).  I saw a picture on Instagram and had to run with the idea. The original was from @_glass_half_full, and the one I saw was from @nightquilter.  

I haven't decided how to do the machine quilting, but I know I want to do some big stitch quilting along each row of colors.  



And I started my La Passacaglia quilt this week!  The book (Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein) has be out of stock everywhere for quite some time, and I was using that as a sign that I didn't need to start another project, but I found a copy at the Vermont Quilt Festival!   

I copied, printed, and cut out my first set of papers and cut the fabrics, but when I got to those triangles I hit a major wall. I got those seven arrows fussy cut and basted before realizing that doing it fifty times would drive me insane.  I'm saving them for a smaller cog (that will hopefully only need seven triangles) and instead quickly cut some easy blender fabric.  

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