Friday Finish: Vinyl Organizer

Sometimes I see something on Instagram that I just want to make.  I don't like waiting for patterns, tutorials, or whatever.  And to be honest, if I bought every pattern and book for everything I wanted to make, I'd never have money for the fabric to make anything.  

So when Aneela Hoey came out with her Double Pocket Pouch pattern, I thought to myself, "I know all about zippers and pouches, I don't need to buy the pattern."  I was super wrong.  I had to redo so many things while making this, I'll just buy the pattern the next time I want to make one.

I made the outside first.  The geese were just some practice blocks that I had made before, so I found some matching scraps and made the back panel.  I have a wallet with a back zipper, so I added one here, because more zippers is always the answer.  

Then I made the inside, and everything went sideways.  I measured my front, tried to account for seams, zippers, and whatnot, and made the vinyl panel.  Even after measuring and mathing, it was still too big.  So I had to trim top and bottom, then cut a bit out of the middle and sewed a strip of fabric over the edges.   In the end it worked, but the constant fixing is not fun when you're dealing with vinyl.

And  you may notice that my zipper is still super long.  The original has a tab that hangs on the outside, but I'm not in love with that look.  So I left it long, tucked it in, and decided to give it a test run.  By now I know that it works like that, and could cut it and finish the end, but I've just not gotten around to it.

In the end, it worked out.  All the zippers work and it fits my pile of felt tip pens and washi perfectly, so I call it a success, but I wouldn't make another without the pattern.  

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