The Time We Moved a Heavy Thing

My sewing space is on our three season porch, so in the winter I set up my sewing machine on the dining room table and I take super fast runs into the porch to pull fabric or get more thread.  

So when I got  my long arm in December, the only place for it was also in the dining room.  We pushed the dining room table up against one wall, making just enough space to stand in front of the machine.  It made family dinners super awkward because one person was always wedged against a wall, and having friends over to sew was a tight squeeze.

Knowing that the situation couldn't last, and that hubs had done some pretty serious upgrades to the pellet stove (our main source of heat), we opened up the porch early this year.  It was freezing, but our stove warmed it up pretty quick.  I was able to move my Juki out there and sew comfortably.  I might need a space heater in the dead of winter, but it was ready to be used year round.  

So last weekend, my long arm was moved out there.  I love how much light I have now!  Along with all the windows, there's three skylights, and it gets sun all day long.  And now I get to sew facing windows instead of a wall.

The sewing space also has a bunch of new scrap buckets.  The scraps were living in a pile under the long arm in the dining room, also in a giant plastic bag in the porch, and there were two fabric baskets that were wedged behind my sewing machine.  It was just a bad scene.  

Since most of my sewing is scraps, they deserved to have a real place with real organization.  So I pulled out my copy of Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkinson, and started making these colorful fabric baskets.    

I love making the slabs.  They're a really great quick sew, but I thought that making the buckets would eat up more scraps than they did.  Each bucket is filled to the top, so I need to do some more scrap projects, and hopefully now that they're organized by color it'll inspire more color combinations.