Friday Finish: I Spun Some Wool!

There's this feeling when you first make a thing.  When you work and work, and learn a new skill, and in the end there's a product that you've made that looks and feels just like the thing you can buy in the store.  

I had that feeling after I made my first quilt.  I wrapped myself in the soft warmness and felt like the champion of the world.  Many quilts later, that feeling is still there, but less so.

I got that same feeling when I finished spinning my first batch of roving into yarn.  It was real yarn!  You could pull on it and it didn't break!  It was largely consistent in thickness, and overall, not too thick!   I made everyone look at it and touch it.  

So now my goal is to spin more and more wool.  The woman who taught me showed me all her spinning tricks, like drafting wool with the spindle still spinning (I'm still rocking the park and draft) and she even did some craziness where she draped the spindle over her outstretched hand so she could spin over a yard of yarn in one go.  I was mesmerized and I want to master all those tricks.  

This is next up.  It's wool that a friend was gifted, so we don't know what it is, but it's smoother than the brown wool, which will make it a little more difficult to spin.   And once it's spun, I plan to ply it with the brown.  I'm hoping the contrast will make it easier to see where I need improvement.

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