Friday (mostly) Finish: Charmed and Spellbound

When Cotton and Steel's Spellbound came out earlier this year, I instantly fell in love.  I love creepy and spooky fabrics, but they're usually too "Halloween."  But these prints are something that I'll want to have around all year.  (Which is good, since I didn't get this quilted up in time to use while watching Halloween movies.)

Cats!  I had no idea how creepy they were in the sneak peek photos, and it's pretty hard for a pink cat to be creepy.

It's slightly embarassing how often these spiders made me jump.  The yellow version with silver spiders, not so much, but these black spiders are just the right size to get me when i'm not wearing my glasses.

Fat Quarter Shop was nice enough to send me a layer cake and a charm pack of Bella Solids in charcoal to make another Layers of Charm quilt.  Once I had all the blocks sewn up (which was fast) I decided to play around with how I could lay them out to make different shapes.  I was surprised with how many layouts I came up with for such a simple block, but that shouldn't be a shock for anyone who has ever played with other simple blocks like the Half Square Triangle.

After much deliberation, this layout seemed the best for these fabrics.  The black triangles kind of remind me of jack-o'-lantern teeth, and the octagons will be perfect for quilting spiderwebs.

This is the next of my quilts to go on the long arm after I finish up some more customer quilts, but the longer I wait, the more I think about adding borders.  Maybe just some more Bella black?  I can't decide, and the cat's no help.

Thanks again to the folks at Fat Quarter Shop.  Head over to their site for the Layers of Charm pattern, and have fun playing around with their setting!  

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My New Fave Pattern: the Curvy Clutch

When you participate in swaps, you always want to add some goodies.   I had bought the Sew Together bag pattern with the intention of adding that to this year's swap packages, but after making one I decided that it was just too much work when you have multiple swaps happening.  So when the Curvy Clutch pattern came out (and it's free!) I downloaded it hoping to have found a perfect swap extra.

The first one I made was the Lizzy House one.  It went so fast and was really well written, so every step was pretty easy.  I only had to check myself once when attaching the zipper, but that's just a good idea whenever zippers are involved.  

I didn't add piping or anything to mine, mostly because I didn't have piping in the right colors, but also the fabrics are enough on their own.  I think i'm going to buy a pile of piping and rick rack to try with this pattern, and maybe leather for the top accent panel.  There's so many on Instagram under the hashtag #curvyclutch that you can scroll forever and get all the inspiration you want.

These are just the right size for pens and washi tape, or you could fill them with some sewing supplies for sewing on the go.  I think big scissors will just fit in these, but it might be a squeeze.  I enlarged the pattern and plan on making a larger purse-sized one with a strap.  And I'm going to try fusible fleece as my interfacing on the next one.  I think it'll have a nicer stand, especially if the pattern is enlarged. 

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Friday Finish: Cotton and Steel mini

It feels like ages ago that I signed up for the Cotton and Still mini swap on Instagram.  I was high off my Schnitzel and Boo swap and it's just so easy to fill out a form and put a ship date on a calendar that seems forever away.  

This swap turned out to be a bit of a tough one for me.  My partner was very quiet, like weeks between IG photos, and none about the swap.  She had life happen to her, and we all can understand, but it was still frustrating trying to figure out what she would like from non-quilty photos.  

In the end, I ended up pulling fabrics from her favorite C&S designer, Melody Miller, and settled on a Carolyn Friedlander Aerial Grove-esque design.  

The whole thing was done by hand.  Once each "squircle" was hand appliqued I wanted to finish the mini with hand quilting as well.  I thread basted the whole thing and grabbed some perle cotton in some C&S colors.  Because the appliques were very vertical, I wanted my quilting to add a horizontal line.  

All in all, it isn't perfect, but I love it so hopefully my partner will love it too.  It wasn't the most fun I've had in a swap (sorry to all my friends that I feel I complained to constantly) but I got a great mini out of it from someone local I plan on getting to know in the real world, so I think it worked out.  

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2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

WIP Wednesday! Updates from Insta-land...

There are so many little and big projects going on around here, so it's time for an Instagram update! 


I'm almost done the binding on my Lizzy House mini quilt.  I love this mini, and might have to make one for myself.  


Here's a little peek at the front.  I think I have to add hand-quilting to everything now!  It was one of the most enjoyable parts of making this mini.


Yesterday I whipped up this Little Vines block.  I picked this block for our guild's block lottery, but the tutorial still isn't back online.  So I made this one so I could put up a little tutorial.  It's a fun block to make, and perfect for little scraps.


And I've been toting around my other swap mini.  This one is for the Cotton and Steel swap.  Obviously, I've been brainwashed by Carolyn Friedlander, drunk the Kool-aid, and have bought piles of perle cotton and big stitch needles.  

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